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STAR Fees and Refunds



  • All the fees are in Canadian Dollars (CAN$/C$) 

  • All the payments must be directly paid to STAR Education Advisors Inc. (There is no individual or company is authorized to collect any form of fees from students) 

  • Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Please refer to each program's page for the exact fees and charges.

I. Admission Letter Service:

1- Partnered Schools: C$ 0.0
STAR policy is to provide admission services from its partnered schools FREE of charge for students from all around the world. In most cases, applicants are only required to pay for their selected program’s Application Fee exactly the same as the school fees. Please check the Fees section on each program.

2- Non-Partnered Schools: C$ 250 - C$ 2,000
Meanwhile, there are some colleges and universities that never make partnerships with Student Recruitment Agencies and the cost of Admission Service must be paid by applicants. STAR charges a minimum fee to officially represent you to obtain your admission from its non-partnered schools. You will pay the Please check the Fees section of each program for the charges.

3- University Programs Report C$ 400 - C$ 800

Our individualized report for searching and listing the available programs in different universities in Canada will help you make a better decision for your future. 


II. Refundable Deposit Fee: 

STAR will collect a $500 CAD refundable security deposit.

You will receive a deposit fee invoice of $500 CAD by email from us after making the payment for the application fee. 


You will be exempted from the deposit fee payment;

1- If you take Immigration services from our Regulated Consultants.

2- If you have already obtained your Visitor Visa from Canada and you wish to study a short program (less than 6 months)

3- If you have already obtained your Study Permit and currently studying in Canada.

Refund Policy (Deposit Fee and Application Fee)


  • The Deposit Fee is 100% refundable if you are not accepted in the program by the school (No refund if admission is rejected because of fraudulent documents or delay in submitting the required documents).

  • The Deposit Fee is 100% refundable if your visa is approved and you continue your study in the same visa approved the school for at least 30 days.

  • The Deposit Fee is not refundable if your student visa is not approved.

  • The Deposit Fee is not refundable if you cancel your application for an admission letter.

  • The Application Fees paid on the website are not refundable. However, if you need to change your program before applying to the school, you can transfer the balance to the new program. 



III. Student Visa Process:

This important stage can be done either by yourself or by an Immigration Specialist or a fusion. In all ways, STAR can help you out! 
You have 3 options:

1- Do it by yourself C$ 0.0
There are many online resources available for you to prepare and submit your applications for the CAQ and Study Permit. In this case, there are no charges.

2- Do it by yourself under a specialist supervision C$ 800
Canadian student visa process might seem easy, but in fact, it could be highly complex and challenging. Every year there are hundred thousands of applicants get refused by Canadian Immigration authorities because of errors and mistakes. We at STAR highly recommend you let an Immigration lawyer supervise your case and give you a legal opinion before you submit your application.

3- Do it by an Authorized Immigration Specialist C$ 2000 – 3500+
Once you received your Admission Letter, you will be connected to numerous STAR’s affiliations Canadian authorized Immigration Specialists (Lawyers, ICCRC Members, Notaries in QC and Paralegals in ON). All of these specialists are highly knowledgeable and qualified to minimize the risk of failure of your CAQ and Study Permit applications. Normally applications submitted through an authorized specialist has minimum issues and the specialists make sure that your application, documents, and supporting letters are prepared at the highest manner of professionalism.

All of STAR’s affiliated immigration specialists are good Standing Members of Canadian Associations like Canadian or Quebec Lawyers Bar or ICCRC. According to Canadian Law, all the fees paid by the applicants will be kept into a Trustee Client Account until the specialist completes the submission process according to the Retainer Agreement. This will guarantee a hassle-free and safe process for you to maximize your chance of approval. 


IV. After Arrival Services:

Once you successfully received your Study Permit you can choose among STAR 's after Arrival Services if you wish to have a smooth transition and settle easily into your new place of study. These services are completely optional and you can choose those you need. Newcomer students are not familiar with their new city’s local services and normally they overspend thousands of dollars on unnecessary things in the first three months of their stay in Canada. Whereas, STAR is a Canada-based company we make sure to foreseen and provide A-Z services that you need in Canada. Our services will help you to integrate into your new place of study and save your time and money;


      Service                                    Fees (CAD$)

  • Flight booking                               50

  • Accommodation Booking         180

  • Airport pick up                            150

  • Orientation                                  100

  • Bank Account Opening                80

  • Medical insurance                        50

  • Sim card                                         25

  • Transportation                              80

  • Shopping & city tour                  300

  • Visa Consultancy  by an RCIC   200 (60 Minutes)

  • Visa Consultancy  by an RCIC   100 (30 Minutes)


Do you have any questions? We are here to help you, feel free to contact us!


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