3D Modeling Animation Art & Design

Creativity is essential in this area, as well as having a taste for multimedia and video games, modeling, animation, editing, film production, and video game design. The student will become familiar with the colorimetry and the basics of the artistic representation of the human body and will apply his knowledge to the creation and animation of characters, lighting, texturing, field design play and design. The student will apply to the design processes, software, and industry-standard tools. 


Total Duration: 21 months 

Tuition fee: 26,747 C$

Application Fee: 250 C$


Admission Requirements: 

  • Eighteen (18) years of age or older

  • High School Diploma (Equivalent to Grade 11) 

  • The language test is NOT required at the time of admission (You will be tested before your program starts)


Required Documents:

  • Copy of your high school diploma and last year transcripts; 

  • Copy of any postsecondary diploma/degree and last year transcripts; 

  • Copy of your birth certificate; 

  • ID page of your passport, 


Visa Process:

This important stage can be done either by yourself or an Immigration Lawyer (or an ICCRC Member). In both ways, STAR can help you out! 


Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ): Required

Study Permit: Required 


* Note: All documents must be translated in either English or French


Career Prospects


This program has been designed so that the graduate can:


  •  2D / 3D animator
  •  2D / 3D modeler
  • 2D / 3D illustrator
  • Designer of games
  • Level designer, texture artist, tester.

3D Modeling Animation Art & Design

  • NTL.0Z

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