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We provide more than 15 different services to make STUDY in Montreal easy for YOU!

Each service is designed to meet International students' major needs during their study time in Montreal, Canada.

Our services start before you travel to Canada and continue till you live in Canada.


 Before YOU arrive 

Before YOUR arrival

Study Plan

Your Study Plan is important to us because it's all about your future. We at STAR guide you through an easy pathway to your academic education in Canada. Finding the right track in your real life is all about your educational planning. Your future holds many opportunities in your career if you choose a right program to study today. STAR advisors will guide you through the entire process to make it a very smooth and successful accomplishment. Your education success is our goal. Get YOUR Study Plan Today...

Acceptance Letter

Obtaining an acceptance letter from a college or university in Montreal may seem easy, but it is tricky. There are too many options and selecting the right program in the right institute can become a challenge that will affect your future life. STAR team will carefully go through Your Study Plan Form and understand your current situation and your future objectives and find the best available options for you. 

Student Visa

In order to study in Canada as an international student you may need a study permit. Canadian study permits are only issued after you have been accepted at a Canadian college, university or other accredited educational institution designated to receive international students. Star Education Advisors Inc. works closely with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) to make sure that its students visa applications are submitted to Immigration Canada professionally.  

Flight Booking

Hundreds of flights land at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Montreal everyday. At STAR we make sure that we find the best matching flight for you through our network of travel agencies. Our aim is to provide the best available flight for our clients.   

 After YOU arrive to Canada 

After YOUR arrival to Montreal

Airport Pickup

From day one that you contact us, we start visualizing the moment when we will welcome you in Canada with a bright smile. A STAR team member will welcome you at the airport and will take you to your arranged accommodation. It always gives a secure feeling when you know there is someone waiting for you to guide you through in a new country. Your STAR advisor who can speak in your language will give you a city kit upon your arrival. We won't let you feel lost in your new home! Contact us for more info...


There are many ways that you can find your short-time or long-time accommodation in Montreal. Once your visa gets approved a STAR advisor will guide you to chose the best accommodation option be fitting your needs. We will guide you to select your accommodation  from homestay, dorms, rooms, apartments etc. We can also introduce you to a certified real estate agency to assist you professionally to choose the most convenient and affordable accommodation closest to your educational institute. 


A STAR team member will take you to your college or university to finalize your registration and show you around. Normally there is an orientation session for new students in every institute that you must attend and you will be introduced to your new place of study, department and staff. You will meet your classmates and you will receive your schedule. STAR team members are always ready to help you with your registration related questions and choice of schedule.

Bank Account

There are many banks with many different product, solutions and charges. A STAR team member will help you choose a bank with best offers for a new account and help you to get a credit card and other financial services from the bank such as money transfer, Interact e-transfer, bill payment etc. 

Medical Insurance

The Government of Canada doesn’t pay for the medical costs of foreign students. Medical and dental treatments are expensive in Canada and international students often can’t get provincial healthcare. That means if you experience an emergency, you’ll be responsible to pay for any medical care costs while you’re here. We recommend our STAR students to buy an insurance policy to cover their medical expenses for the duration of their stay in Canada as temporary residents.  


Montreal has a clean, safe, and efficient transit system, which is arguably the best and easiest way to explore the length and breadth of the city. The island of Montreal is served by; métro (subway), which has 4 lines and 68 stations. There is a metro station near every institution and also bus stations are located on most intersections. A STAR team member will show you the public transportation system and assist you to purchase your needed access. Contact us for more info...

Sim Card

We understand how important it is for YOU to have an activated sim card in Canada to be able to contact your family and friends. There are a couple of mobile phone companies that offer a variety of packages from prepaid to postpaid sim card. A STAR team member will guide you to choose the most suitable plan as per your requirements.

Shopping & City Tour

Shopping is not always fun if you later realize you paid more and you could have bought the utility items at a much cheaper price from other stores. In Canada it is very important to know where to buy different products from and this can save you hundreds of dollars each year. A STAR team member will show you where to buy your, groceries, food, stationaries, clothing including winter jackets and snow shoes, etc. 

During YOUR Study



Scholarships and bursaries are available for International students in Montreal like the other part of Canada. However these funds are available in some institutes but it is directly related to your achieved outstanding academic results in Canada. STAR team provides advisory services to make you familiar with scholarship system in Canada and guide you to the eligibility criteria for the same. 


There are some programs available with integrated Internship which are called co-ops. STAR Advisors will advise you on those programs when you want to choose your program of study. Also you can participate in STAR workshops and training sessions to learn about preparing your resume and get prepared for your internship interview. Our clients will be notified accordingly about available internship opportunities in Montreal job market! 

After YOUR Graduation


Job Search

One of STAR team's concern is when you complete or about to complete your study and need to find a job as a fresh graduate. We will advise you on preparing your resume based on Canadian job market standards, we will advise you on not only on search engines but all the other possibilities for you to find a suitable job and we will make you familiar with basic rights of employee in Canada. There will be workshops and training sessions before your job interview to make sure you are ready to face of a professional job interview.  

Permanent Residency

You can create your future in Québec after your studies by acquiring permanent residence status in Canada. The Québec Experience Program (PEQ) could facilitate your immigration to Quebec. To be eligible for obtaining this status you must meet the ministry's criteria. Our expert ICCRC affiliate will assist you to successfully obtain a permanent status in Canada. STAR team can offer advice to you from the very beginning on your study program if you would like to live and work in Canada permanently. Contact us for more info...