Montreal named the best city for International Students in 2017

It may come as no surprise to anyone who has studied in Montreal, but the city has now been crowned the best student city in the world.

Ben Sowter, head of the Intelligence Unit at QS, said the Best Student City Rankings is based on six metrics:

  • Rankings: Where do universities in the city stand in the QS World University Rankings?

  • Student mix: The number of students in general, and the number of international students.

  • Desirability: Includes factors such as safety, pollution and corruption.

  • Employer activity: Are employers interested in graduates from at least one university?

  • Affordability.

  • Student opinion and experiences.

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Suzanne Fortier, the Principal of McGill, said the larger community should work to keep these students in Montreal.

"A place where students, while they're here in Montreal can start doing some internships for example in the business world so they can see what the future might look like for them," she said.

  • Montreal (1st)

Four other Canadian cities made to the top 100:

  • Vancouver (10th)

  • Toronto (11th)

  • Ottawa (26th)

  • Quebec City (72nd)

QS Best Student Cities 2017:

  1. Montreal

  2. Paris

  3. London

  4. Seoul

  5. Melbourne

  6. Berlin

  7. Tokyo

  8. Boston

  9. Munich

  10. Vancouver

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