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Please follow the simple instructions to register to your desired programs.

Before you start, we would like to encourage you to try this self-service tool to search and find programs, apply to them, receive your admission, and get professional assistance on your student visa. Once you choose your program and make the application payment, we will verify your eligibility before submission to the school. If we find you are not eligible for the paid program, we will contact you and advise you to choose another program. You are safe with this system!

We would highly recommend you take a program related to your previous or current studies at a higher level of your most elevated level of education. You may also consider studying a Vocational or job training Certificate program related to your previous studies or work experience. If you wish to change your program, make sure you have convincing reasons for your program shift, such as work experience. 

1st Step:  Choose Your Level of Study

We have listed here the available level of studies for international students in Montreal. Click on each level to see the minimum requirements. Match your current qualifications with the requirements and find your level of study. 

2nd Step:  Choose Your Program

Before you start you need to know some terms:

AEC: Means Certificate (Admission is available to all level of studies)

DEC: Means Diploma (Undergraduate Diploma)

Vocational Diploma: Means job training diploma (Offered by School Boards and Colleges)

PEQ: Permanent Residency through Study or Work experience in Quebec

Now you can search for the programs related to your area of study or work: