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Education Advisors Incorporation

STAR Education Advisors Inc. has been formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to fulfill all the needs of International students who wish to study in Montreal, Canada. Our goal is to provide high quality services to our clients in order to make the process of study immigration as easy as possible.

We work hard to make sure our services covers A-Z needs of International students and parents who wish to study in Montreal, Canada. We always want to understand you completely and for that reason we are a team of multi languages that speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Farsi, Punjabi, Hindi. This empowers us with maximum level of understanding and leads us to a higher proficiency through efficient communication with YOU.

STAR Key Values

Accuracy We provide accurate Information about study in Canada

Intelligence We advise intelligently with the best needs of our clients 

Trust We build trust and maintain the trust with our clients and associates 

Support We continiously support our clients - before and after their arrival in Canada

Efficiency We run our clients' cases with maximum efficiency 

Technology We use the best technology to reduce the gap between our clients​ and us

Specialized in Montreal

Montreal has a worldwide reputation for providing quality education and attracting foreign students from all around the world. Montreal is second in North America for the number of students per capita. STAR operates from Montreal with a focus to provide the best guidance to International students in the field of education. STAR team is here to receive you and to see you through the process of integration, completion of education and permanent residency. 

We make Your Personalized Roadmap

Your Study Plan is important to us because it's all about your future. We at STAR guide you through an easy pathway to your academic education in Canada. Finding the right track in your real life is all about your educational planning. Your future holds many opportunities in your career if you choose a right program to study today. STAR advisors will guide you through the entire process to make it a very smooth and successful accomplishment. Your education success is our goal. Get YOUR Study Plan Today...

A-Z Services to make Montreal Your new home

We understand that getting an offer letter is not the only concern for You, what happens after you get the acceptance letter is the concern. From preparing the visa application to landing in Canada, integration into a new environment is a challenge and it can cost you thousands of dollars to do the things right. STAR Services turns this challenge into a very attractive experience for You. Our team members who can speak in your language and understand your culture and needs will be with you to help you integrate into your new environment. See STAR packages designed for your needs here

 STAR  team vision is to make the process of becoming an International student in Montreal a very smooth transition for our clients. Our team is offering its dedication, experience and knowledge to deliver  5* quality services to our clients. 

Multi ethnicity of STAR team represents the culture of Montreal, young students leaving home for the first time will not feel out of place here when STAR is their  guiding angles.

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